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Posted by bravo - 05-30-12 07:45 - 16 comments
Ladies and well Ladies,

not that im really going anywhere but ive been talking to kis and im going to have to hang up my {No} tags and change them for Google. I've loved every minute of being with you guys and all the shit that we' ...read more
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Posted by SilentHill - 04-27-12 12:52 - 1 comments
Hey dudes and penis lovers,

Been away cause of exam week which just finished tonight. I'm going to avoid re-installing COD4 for the moment even though I have holidays for 3 weeks.

The COD4 world is safe..... for now....
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 Competitive Gaming
Posted by Keegz - 04-7-12 07:22 - 14 comments
Just wondering if we are going to scrim with anyone soon? and is there anyway to become a competitive cod4 gamer in aus? because i know they're pretty competitive in the uk

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 Changing our server
Posted by BlackWolf - 03-11-12 08:31 - 6 comments
I know our server is deserted most of the time.. So I was thinking why not make it interesting? Download BlackOps maps, MW3 maps and jsut make it a unique server just like Google has the speed increase? Just a suggestion :3
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 Cod4 Powers
Posted by Keegz - 02-17-12 14:07 - 11 comments
Just curious who has pb powers for the {No} servers??
and how do people earn them? or does no one else need them?

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 Clan Profile
Posted by flamesplom - 01-27-12 07:34 - 0 comments
What is {No} Clan?
{No} clan is a casual Call of Duty 4 : Modern Warfare clan which has been running since mid 2008. Originally started as a tag for a group of like-minded regular players on the Internode #20 FFA HC server, ...read more
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 Member List
Posted by Zenith - 01-9-12 11:57 - 0 comments
Current Member Totals
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  •  Leaving.
    Posted by undeadbeast - 08-29-11 07:56 - 3 comments
    Hi fellow clan members,
    I am just informing you all and am very sorry to say this but i am leaving the clan due to my broken hand and other circumstances outside of the Call Of Duty community which has lead to me being in active to play for qui ...read more
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     Clan Changes - August 2011
    Posted by flamesplom - 08-28-11 09:42 - 6 comments
    Over the last few days, Zenith and I have been hard at work (*) making some changes to several aspects of the clan, to ensure that things continue to run smoothly.

    Forum Categories
    As the clan continues to change, we a ...read more
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     Sh4de and Scyther Leaving.
    Posted by sh4de - 08-5-11 11:29 - 5 comments
    Okay, So as most of you know.
    Me and Scyther are leaving.

    Just before I start the /ragepost let me say,
    Flame and Zenith, You two are the best blokes i've met in AuSCoD. Love you both <3
    Main Reasons :
    1. Upin ...read more
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